Boris Perić


Boris Perić, born in 1966 in Varaždin, studied German Language and Literature at the Philosophical Faculty in Zagreb. He is a writer, literary translator and journalist with various Croatian and foreign newspapers, journals and magazines. In addition to many of his own books he has published a large number of translations, including works by Martin Heidegger, Peter Handke, Hermann Hesse, Thomas Bernhard, Günter Grass, Ingo Schulze, Karl Jaspers, Arthur Schnitzler, Johanna Spyri, Heinz Heger, Norbert Gstrein, Julian Nida-Rümelin, Norbert Elias, Thomas Brussig, Leopold Sacher Masoch, Romano Guardini, Doris Dörrie, Joseph Roth, Gabriel Loidolt and Markus Jaroschka. Boris Perić is a member of the Croatian Writers’ Society (HDP) and of the Croatian Writers’ Association (DHK). He lives and works in Zagreb.