Jürgen Brater


Dr. Jürgen Brater, born 1948 in Ostfriesland. He studied Medical Science and Dentistry at the University of Erlangen. In 1976 he opened his private practice in Aalen. Since 1987 he has taught at professional schools in Schondorf and Ellwangen. Since 2003 he has taught Biology at the Ostwürttemberg night school and is the author of two learned journals. Published works: “Lexicon for Patients” (Ullstein publishing house), “Knaurs Big Lexicon of Health” (Droemer-Knaur publishing house), “Lexicon of Sex Mistakes” (Eichborrn publishing house), “Never Drink Beer After Wine” (Eichborn publishing house), “Generation Beetle” (Eichborn publishing house), “The Curious World of Numbers” (Eichborn publishing house).