Angela Richter


Angela Richter, born in 1952 in Dresden, firstly studied Serbo-Croatian and Russian in accordance with a professional education, as part of a course for interpreters and translators at the Humboldt University in Berlin. From 1975 to 1978 she carried out literary-scientific research in Belgrade and Berlin. She obtained her Ph.D. in 1980 and qualified as a professor in 1991, her subject-matter being Serbian prose after 1945. She worked at the Humboldt University until her appointment at the  Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg as Professor for Southern Slavic studies. She began to translate literary texts in 1979 with the anthology Erkundungen. 28 jugoslawische Erzähler (Editor: B. Antkowiak). [Reconnaissances. 28 Yugoslavian storytellers]. In 2011 she edited the anthology Der Engel und der rote Hund [The Angel and the Red Dog] with short stories from Serbia.