Marko Vidojković


Marko Vidojković, born in 1975 in Belgrade, is one of the most exquisite Serbian authors. He studied law at the law school of Belgrade University. He began writing in 1998, and firstly published numerous short stories in journals and anthologies. His first novel, Ples sitnih demona (The Dance of Small-Time Demons) appeared in 2001. In this he describes the childhood of a 16-year-old punk. In the same year, he published the sequel, Đavo je moj drug (The Devil Is a Friend of Mine). The novel Kandže (The Claws) (2004) is what made him famous. Within a short period of time, it went through five editions, and was awarded the Zlatni bestseler and Kočićevo pero awards. His works have been translated into English, German, and Slovenian.