Böse Schafe

Katja Lange-Müller

Publisher: S. Fischer Verlag


West Berlin in 1987: Soja, trained typesetter, deserter from the republic, bighearted temporary help in a flower shop, meets Harry, big, free, quietly determined, mysterious past, uncertain future. From there on, his fate determines her life. Katja Lange-Müller writes sensitively, humorously and with a scent of melancholy about how an unhappy love can be the greatest luck in life and delivers, en passant, an atmospheric portrait of the divided, still-standing Berlin of the 1980s.

The novel Böse Schafe [Angry Sheep] by Katja Lange-Müller was translated into Romanian by Matei Martin and published under the title Oi infuriate by Allfa in Bucharest. The translation of the book into Croatian was made by Štefica Martić and was published under the title Bijesne ovce by Fraktura in Zagreb. The Macedonian translation was made by Ksenija Čočkova and was published under the title Злобни овци by Goten in Skopje.

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