Die Kieferninseln

Marion Poschmann

Publisher: Suhrkamp


When Gilbert Silvester wakes one day from a dream that his wife has cheated on him, he flees — immediately, irrationally, inexplicably — for Japan. In Tokyo he discovers the travel writings of the great Japanese poet Basho. Suddenly, from Gilbert’s directionless crisis there emerges a purpose: a pilgrimage in the footsteps of the poet to see the moon rise over the pine islands of Matsushima. Along the way he falls into step with another pilgrim: Yosa, a young Japanese student clutching a copy of The Complete Manual of Suicide. Together, Gilbert and Yosa travel across Basho’s disappearing Japan.

Translations supported by Traduki

  • Боровите острови

    Year:  2020
    Publisher:  Vakon Publishing
    Translator:  Diana Dimanova
    Country:  Bulgaria
    Language:  Bulgarian
  • Ostrva borova

    Year:  2020
    Publisher:  OKF Cetinje
    Translator:  Jelena Knežević
    Country:  Montenegro
    Language:  Montenegrin