Warum war ich bloß ein Mädchen?

Gabi Köpp

Publisher: F.A.Herbig Verlagsbuchhandlung


In January 1945, the Red Army launches a military offensive overruns the German Eastern Territories and forces the civil population to flee. The fifteen year old Gabi Köpp hides on a farmstead where already many refugees have taken shelter. However, she is not safe from sexual assaults of Russian soldiers. Again and again is she victim of sexual violence, ruthlessly betrayed by her fellow sufferers. What she went through, she only wrote into her diary at that time. Only recently has she on the basis of her notes written a shocking report about the beginning of her long flight and about the chapter of the wartime that was long tabooed: the criminal act of rape against women, which is punishable by international law. The book contains a scientific afterword written by the historian dr. Birgit Beck-Heppner, an expert on mass rape and international law.

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  • Защо бях само едно момиче? Драмата на едно бягство през 1945 година. С послесловна д-р Биргит Бек-Хепнер

    Year:  2014
    Publisher:  Black Flamingo
    Translator:  Ekaterina Dzhuteva
    Country:  Bulgaria
    Language:  Bulgarian
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