Vor dem Fest

Publisher: Luchterhand Literaturverlag


It is the night before the feast in Fürstenfelde in German province Uckermark. The village is asleep. Save for the ferryman – he is dead. And Mrs Franz, the night-blind painter who wants to make her first painting of the village at night. The bell-ringer and his apprentice want to toll the bells, but there is a problem – the bells are gone. A fox looks for eggs for her whelps and Mr Schramm, a former colonel of the National People’s Army of GDR cannot decide if he should go get cigarettes or should he put a bullet through his head. They are all on a mission. They want to finish something before the night is over. None of them has seen the burglary into the Village Hall. But the Villiga archives are open. It is not what it was stolen but that what got away that bothers the sleepless. The night gives birth to monsters: old stories and memories, myths and fairy-tales get out and roam together with people around the houses.

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