Utjeha noćnog neba

Dževad Karahasan

Publisher: Profil

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Isfahan, the capital of the Seljuq Empire, a highly respected man dies unexpectedly. The deceased’s son demands clarification. The court astronomer and mathematician, Omar Khayyam, takes part in the investigation. He concludes that the man was poisoned. Court intrigues and social tensions threaten the empire from within, while crusaders and Mongols threaten it from beyond its borders. When the famous mathematician gives an account of his life many decades later, the empire has long fallen apart. A terrorist organisation, led by a former companion Omar Khayyam, is terrifying the region.

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  • Tolažba nočnega neba

    Year:  2020
    Publisher:  Beletrina
    Translator:  Jana Unuk
    Country:  Slovenia
    Language:  Slovene