Uhvati zeca

Lana Bastašić

Publisher: Kontrast izdavaštvo

Bosnia and Herzegovina

It’s been twelve years since inseparable childhood friends Lejla and Sara have spoken, but an unexpected phone call thrusts Sara back into a world she left behind, a language she’s buried, and painful memories that rise unbidden to the surface. Sara finds herself returning home, driven by curiosity and guilt. Embarking on a road trip, the two travel down the rabbit hole of their shared past and question how they’ve arrived at their present, disparate realities, through the mist of the Yugoslav wars. Recipient of the EU Prize for Literature in 2020.

Translations supported by Traduki

  • Prinde iepurele

    Year:  2023
    Publisher:  Black Button
    Translator:  Octavia Nedelcu
    Country:  Romania
    Language:  Romanian
  • Фати го зајакот

    Year:  2022
    Publisher:  Artconnect
    Translator:  Vladimir Jankovski
    Country:  North Macedonia
    Language:  Macedonian
  • Ujemi zajca

    Year:  2021
    Publisher:  Založba Sanje
    Translator:  Dijana Matković
    Country:  Slovenia
    Language:  Slovene
  • Fang den Hasen

    Year:  2021
    Publisher:  S. Fischer
    Translator:  Rebekka Zeinzinger
    Country:  Germany
    Language:  German