Christoph W. Bauer

Publisher: Haymon Verlag


Rambles through poetic landscapes: from Rimbaud to Trakl, from Villon to Beckett. It is no coincidence that the French poet François Villon is the inspiration for Christoph W. Bauer’s volume. The driving force behind his poems is being on the move, vagabonding, the fear of standing still. Thus the lyrical I drifts through childhood landscapes to the city of poets: Paris. He roams with relish through the history of poetry, giving companions such as Rimbaud, Trakl and Heine a contemporary language. Through Bauer’s fresh gaze, one reads and sees the old masters in a new light.

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  • Lunjati

    Year:  2022
    Publisher:  Treći trg
    Translator:  Đorđe Trišović
    Country:  Serbia
    Language:  Serbian