Nase für Neuigkeiten

Hanns Zischler, Sara Danius

Publisher: Zsolnay


October 1904: 22-year-old James Joyce starts work as an English teacher in the “godforsaken” town of Pola on the Istrian coast. His arrival is advertised in the local newspaper. He immediately witnesses a series of spectacular events: the pathetic staging of a memorial service for the murdered Empress “Sissi”, the performance of an ambulant cinema, a flood of (picture) news from the Russo-Japanese War … These ubiquitous, hitherto hardly noticed “local tidbits” and “faits divers”, found their way into daily newspapers and cinema programmes. Processed they would later reappear in “Ulysses” and other writings as Hanns Zischler and Sara Danius showcase here for the first time.

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  • Nos za novosti

    Year:  2009
    Publisher:  Naklada Ljevak
    Translator:  Helen Sinković
    Country:  Croatia
    Language:  Croatian