Liebe als Passion. Zur Codierung von Intimität

Niklas Luhmann

Publisher: Suhrkamp


That emotions and actions in intimate relationships are following cultural imperatives has long been established in sociology. Even sexual relationships, in our fantasies as in practice, owe their constraints and enhancements to this influence. The semantic codes that control this influence are themselves subject to historical change. In a good three hundred years of development, the form of love semantics has been reacting to an increasing social differentiation of personal, private intimacy. Spanning from idealisation, to paradoxes, to today’s problem-orientated approach.

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  • Iubirea ca pasiune. Despre codificarea intimității

    Year:  2015
    Publisher:  Tact, Cluj Napoca
    Translator:  Andrei Anastasescu
    Country:  Romania
    Language:  Romanian