Alle da! Unser kunterbuntes Leben

Anja Tuckermann

Publisher: Klett Kinderbuch

Kinder- und Jugendliteratur

Samira arrived on a boat and a truck from Africa. Amad misses his football friends from Iraq, but because of the war, he had to leave the country. Now he scores goals with his new friends in Düsseldorf. Dilara was born in Berlin, but speaks fluent Turkish and loves to celebrate the festival of sugar. Her family arrived years ago from Anatolia, because there was a lot of work to be found in Germany. We all come from somewhere else, if one goes back long enough in time and history. Now we all live together in the same place. This can be exciting but sometimes also difficult. In any case, life becomes more colourful when people from all four corners of the world and all walks of life come together.

Alle da! Unser kunterbuntes Leben [Everyone’s Here! Our Colourful Life] by Anja Tuckermann and the illustrator Tine Schulz, was translated into Slovene by Tina Mahkota and published under the title Vsi tukaj, vsi skupaj! by Založba Zala, and to Albanian by Eljana Mankollari and published under the title Të gjithë këtu by Poeteka in Tirana.

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