Hundert Tage

Lukas Bärfuss

Publisher: Wallstein


Ruanda, 1994. David has let the aeroplane with the last evacuated foreigners take off. He hides himself for a hundred days in his house, given food and information about Agathe, the reason for him staying, by his gardener. The past few years, which he spent as development aid worker in Kigali, go through his head. Millions were pumped into a regime, which, when it threatened to lose power to a rebel army, organised genocide. David also became an accomplice of the slaughterers and when the insurgents captured Kigali, he flees over the border. There he finds Agathe again, in a refugee camp, but she is not the woman he once loved.

Translations supported by Traduki

  • Сто дена

    Year:  2011
    Publisher:  ILI-ILI
    Translator:  Iva Fidancheva
    Country:  North Macedonia
    Language:  Macedonian
  • Сто дни

    Year:  2010
    Publisher:  Riva
    Translator:  Vladko Murdarov
    Country:  Bulgaria
    Language:  Bulgarian
  • Sto dana

    Year:  2015
    Publisher:  Edicije Božičević
    Translator:  Nataša Medved
    Country:  Croatia
    Language:  Croatian