Risto Vasilevski

North Macedonia

Risto Vasilevski, born in 1943 in Nakolec (Macedonia), writes poems, essays, literary reviews and childrens’ literature in Macedonian and Serbian. He is editor of numerous anthologies, translator and runs the Arka publishing company. He has received around 30 awards for his works, which have been translated into 24 languages. He is a member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts, of the Slavic Academy for Literature and Arts in Varna (Bulgaria), of the  International Writers’ and Journalists’ Association in Riga, of the Writers’ Association in Macedonia and Serbia as well as of the Serbian Literary Translators’ Association. He founded the “Smederevska pesnička jesen” poetry festival and is editor of the journals Videlo, Mons Aureus and Književne novine. Risto Vasilevski lives and works in Smederevo (Serbia) and Prespa (Macedonia).