Nenad Vujadinović

North Macedonia

Nenad Vujadinović was born in 1964 in Kotor and studied Philology in Skopje and Belgrade. He obtained his PhD in 2008 from the University of Skopje. He has been lecturing there at the Faculty of Philology, Department for Macedonian and South Slavic languages since 1991. He has written numerous books, theatre plays, and scripts and was copyrighter and creative director of several famous advertising campaigns in Macedonia. He received several awards for his writing. Nenad Vujadinović is also a productive literary translator. He translated many Macedonian authors for the literary magazine Sarajevske sveske. Further important publications are his translation of the national ballad Hasanaginica to Macedonian, and the translation of Ljiljana Dirjan’s poetry book Приватни светови to Serbian. With the support of TRADUKI, he translated the Serbian novel Neznanom junaku by Sreten Ugričić to Macedonian.