Borislav Petranov


Borislav Petranov, born in Pleven in 1967, graduated from the German-language grammar school in Lovech and holds a master’s degree in economics and theatre studies. Currently he serves as director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute in Berlin. He is also a freelance translator, theatre critic and director. He writes for numerous Bulgarian newspapers and magazines as well as for cultural programmes of the Bulgarian National Radio. His book The Bulgarian Nora was nominated for the ICAR Prize. He is co-editor of the anthology Junges Theater aus Bulgarien. His piece Das bulgarische Drama außerhalb Bulgariens im 21. Jahrhundert was published in vol. 55 of the Wiener Slawistische Jahrbuch. He has translated works by Ludwig Tieck, Djawid C. Borower, Thomas Birkmeir, Felix Mitterer and André Kubiczek.