Besichtigung eines Unglücks

Gert Loschütz

Publisher: Schöffling & Co.


In December 1939, the worst train accident ever to occur on German soil takes place outside Genthin railway station. Two trains collide and there are many dead and injured. Carla, who barely survives and is seriously injured, is one of them. She is engaged to Richard, a Jew from Neuss, but it is not he who is accompanying her, but the Italian Giuseppe Buonomo, who dies in the collision. The shop girl Lisa from the Magnus department stores’ is given the task of providing the injured woman with clothes as she has lost everything in the accident. But Carla is already pretending to be Mrs Buonomo. What is she trying to hide?

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  • Равносметка на една катастрофа

    Year:  2023
    Publisher:  Black Flamingo Publishing
    Translator:  Borislav Petranov
    Country:  Bulgaria
    Language:  Bulgarian