Vodeni zagrljaj

Zilhad Ključanin

Publisher: Bosanska riječ

Bosnia and Herzegovina

In this novel Zilhad Ključanin tells the story of the beautiful Ezi and the poet Zeri, who after deflowering Ezi throws a white sheet with a rosebud in its centre into the river. But Ezi is already leaving her Bosnian home in order to go to Paris and work as a dancer at the “Crazy Horse”. As she opens the window of the train during her journey she sees the sheet floating down the river. Fifteen years later Ezi sets out to search for her father, reaches Marseille, where she meets an old man in a rose garden who is writing a dictionary of words that are threatened with silence. The taxi-driver who Ezi falls in love with learns her mother tongue. Until another war comes along.

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  • Wasserhochzeit

    Year:  2009
    Publisher:  Leipziger Literaturverlag
    Translator:  Astrid Philippsen
    Country:  Germany
    Language:  German