Užas i veliki troškovi


Robert Perišić is one of the most renowned authors in Croatia today. His first novel, Our Man in Iraq (2012), was acclaimed by the American and British press. Twenty of his short stories are collected here for the first time in German. Perišić depicts the psychological conflicts of his characters in the Balkans torn apart by the last war. This is the book of a generation that has to come to terms with the consequences of brutality, poverty and, of course, love. In a subtle style, Perišić tells of a different Europe that will not let the reader go any time soon.

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  • Horror und hohe Unkosten. Erzählungen

    Year:  2024
    Publisher:  Brot und Spiele
    Translator:  Klaus Detlef Olof
    Country:  Austria
    Language:  German