Südosteuropa. Weltgeschichte einer Region

Marie-Janine Calic

Publisher: C.H.Beck


The Balkans: Viewed from the European centres of power, they have always been foreign, exotic, and backward. Marie-Janine Calic sets out to write the history of Southeast Europe as a world history and questions the common stereotypes about the region. The inhabitants of Southeast Europe share many common experiences between them, and to this day their fates are closely linked. However, one looks in vain for a common identity. Instead, a unique kind of diversity has developed here, consequence of supra-regional references and influences. The evolution and change of Southeast Europe from antiquity to the present day are not just explained from the perspective of the region itself, but also viewed from a broader, global historical perspective. It shows that the connection and exchange with the rest of the world played a much bigger role than is claimed in current historical representations.

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