Selected Plays from Romania


The anthology Machtspiele. Neue Theaterstücke aus Rumänien brings together five contemporary plays from Romania by the playwrights Gianina Cărbunariu, Catinca Drăgănescu, Eugen Jebeleanu, Roxana Marian and Elise Wilk. The plays deal with coming to terms with the communist past and migration problems, indulge in moral-social reflections that are critical of the times and examine aspects of love relationships. Yet all the plays have one thing in common: they deal with power relations. The anthology Machtspiele was edited by Irina Wolf and published by Theater der Zeit.

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  • Machtspiele. Neue Theaterstücke aus Rumänien

    Year:  2015
    Publisher:  Theater der Zeit
    Translator:  Daria Hainz
    Country:  Germany
    Language:  German
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