Razglednica iz groba

Emir Suljagić

Publisher: Civitas

Bosnia and Herzegovina

This book is the only report of a witness on the greatest massacre in Europe after 1945. Emir Suljagic, who was 18 years old at this time, fled in 1992 with thousands of others to the allegedly safe Srebrenica, and tells about the hunger, constant attacks of the Serbs, and about the scanty resistance of the isolated. The decision of the UN Security Council to establish a safety zone, means that Emir Suljagic can become an interpreter for the UN. This job will save his life in the end. On July 11 in 1995 the troops of Bosnian Serbs led by Ratko Mladic capture the enclave. The next day, Mladic orders that all men between 12 and 72 years must be separated from their families, some of them are executed immediately. After the town collapsed, about 8000 people are assumed to have been executed. Emir Suljagic describes the inconceivable and shows how little it takes to abandon your neighbour.

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