Prema ludilu i revoluciji

Ivana Sajko

Publisher: Disput


“The risk is obvious. To speak about madness, is a commonplace. That is why I speak about arts.”

Thus begins the furious essay by Ivana Sajko about the existential challenge of arts, about what happens if we dare to read. Sajko takes the reader on a wild journey through books and texts that have shocked her, that hadn’t lose touch with the real world and that are capable not only to challenge action, but to actually cause someone to act. Her plea for the power of literature culminates in the passage: “A thought is correct only if it takes someone away from the expected direction and takes them somewhere they have never been before. That is why I read. To get diverted from the trodden path.“

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  • Auf dem Weg zum Wahnsinn (und zur Revolution)

    Year:  2015
    Publisher:  Matthes & Seitz, Berlin
    Translator:  Alida Bremer
    Language:  Deutsch
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