Patuljak iz zaboravljene zemlje

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Children and Young Adults

The dwarf Sunshine lives with his sister Flake in the Forgotten Land, in a coral house above the sea. They live a simple yet happy life until one day, when – whilst Sunshine is away – Flake gets kidnapped by strange seamen. With a sword that can cut through stone and arrows that can bring the stars from the firmament, the devastated brother sets upon his journey in search of his sister. After a long sea journey he finds her at last – but as Flake has waited for help, she has fallen ill of despair and so dies soon after they meet again. Overcome by sorrow, Sunshine sets upon yet another journey, getting lost on the seas, until one day he comes upon an oppressed dwarf people and the lovely Starlet on the moon field. He frees the dwarf people, becomes their leader, and altogether they set out for the Forgotten Land.

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