Ivan Kalda attempts to reconstruct his turbulent life – a twisted affair: a childhood without a father, a youth with too many drugs and too little sex, survival as a photographer in the war and the subsequent turbo capitalism. Blunt, racy, and comical, Edo Popović writes of growing up amid Socialism and describes the tanking of his protagonist against the background of Croatia’s widespread social upheaval.

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  • Kalda, histori nën lëkurë

    Genre:  Fiction
    Year:  2010
    Publisher:  Poeteka & Ideart, Tirana
    Translator:  Milena Selimi
    Country:  Albania
    Language:  Albanian
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  • Очи

    Genre:  Fiction
    Year:  2011
    Publisher:  Panorama, Sofia
    Translator:  Rusanka Lyapova
    Country:  Bulgaria
    Language:  Bulgarian
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