Не одам никаде

Rumena Bužarovska

Publisher: ili-ili

North Macedonia

This collection of short stories explores the complexity of human relations, be it in familial, social or professional settings, and takes an unflinching look a the current state of contemporary North Macedonian society. In seven stories, Bužarovska examines intimate relationships that are shaped and constraint by patriarchal values and dire political and socioeconomic circumstances. The main focus lies on the theme of economic migration and how it impacts relationships. At the same time, the stories also question the inferiority complex people of the Balkans feel when comparing themselves to the so-called developed (Western) world.

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  • Nikamor ne grem

    Year:  2022
    Publisher:  Modrijan
    Translator:  Sonja Dolžan
    Country:  Slovenia
    Language:  Slovene