Konec. Znova

Dino Bauk

Publisher: Beletrina


War, love and rock’n’roll: these are the major themes in Dino Bauk’s novel, which takes us back to the Ljubljana of the 1980s and 1990s. Mary, a Mormon, and the rocker Denis fall in love with each other. As a consequence, Mary is sent to the Austrian countryside and Denis finds himself in the turmoils of the Balkan war. In his award-winning novel, Bauk tells the story of a disintegrating culture and a lost generation.

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  • Ende. Abermals

    Genre:  Fiction
    Year:  2017
    Publisher:  Hollitzer Verlag, Wien
    Translator:  Sebastian Walcher
    Country:  Austria
    Language:  German
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  • Kraj. Iznova

    Genre:  Fiction
    Year:  2017
    Publisher:  Hena com, Zagreb
    Translator:  Jagna Pogačnik
    Country:  Croatia
    Language:  Croatian
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