Kalendar Maja


The former classmates of a secondary school in Zagreb meet after many years to repeat their graduation trip once again. The motor boat Tramutana takes the meanwhile over sixty-years-olds for a second trip along the Dalmatian coast. The main protagonist, the gynecologist, who is also on board of the boat, tells the story of his life in numerous flashbacks. Central to his story is the fatal love relationship with his former classmate Senka. The relationship had grown to almost destructive dimensions and had made three people to suffer hell on earth. With biting irony and black humour, Zoran Ferić creates a genre picture of the golden youth in Tito’s Yugoslavia. Fluently and amusingly, Ferić touches all sides of life – happiness, love, suffering, age, and evanescence.

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  • Das Alter kam am 23. Mai gegen 11 Uhr

    Year:  2012
    Publisher:  Folio Verlag, Wien
    Translator:  Klaus Detlef Olof
    Language:  Deutsch