Elijahova stolica

Igor Štiks

Publisher: Fraktura


It is year 1992. As his marriage fails and he finds himself in an emotional crisis, Richard Richter, an Austrian writer, returns to his home town Vienna. There, he finds a letter that her mother wrote in 1941 to a Jakob Schneider – one month before Richard was born and one month before her death. The letter says that Jakob Schneider had disappeared and that the pregnant Paula must not search for him – as Jakob was not only a Communist, he was also a Jew. The search for his biological father takes Richard to the besieged Sarajevo where he experiences the most beautiful moments of his life, sincere friendships, and passionate love. But his life – as well as lives of all protagonists – is determined by the fate that he can not escape.

Elijahova stolica (title of the English translation: The Judgment of Richard Richter) by Igor Štiks has been translated to Bulgarian by Zhela Georgieva and published under the title Елияховият стол by Panorama, Sofia.

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