Ein liebender Mann

Martin Walser

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag


Marienbad, now Mariánské Lázně, 1823. Goethe – a widower and so famous that his servant secretly sells his hair – loves the young Ulrike von Levetzow. Martin Walser tells the story of this impossible love in a stirring but gentle way.

“There is paradise:

Two for each other.

There is hell:

One is missing.”

The novel Ein liebender Mann [A Loving Man] by Martin Walser has been translated to Serbian by Mirjana Popović and published under the title Poslednja Geteova ljubav by Laguna, Belgrade.

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  • Poslednja Geteova ljubav

    Year:  2013
    Publisher:  Laguna
    Translator:  Mirjana Popović
    Language:  Serbisch