Dimineața pierdută


At the center of Wasted Morning is Vica Delca, a simple, poor woman in her seventies who has endured the endless series of trials and tribulations that was Romanian history from WWI to the end of the twentieth century. She’s a born storyteller, chatting and gossiping tirelessly. But she also listens, so it is through her that Adameșteanu is able to show us a panoramic portrait of Romanian society as the fortunes of its various strata shift violently. Rich or poor, honest (more or less) or deceitful, all of the characters in this polyphonic novel are brought vividly to life. From Bucharest’s aspirations to be the Paris of Eastern Europe to the darkest days of dictatorship, the novel presents a sweeping vision of the personal and collective costs of a turbulent century.

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  • Verlorener Morgen

    Year:  2018
    Publisher:  Die Andere Bibliothek, Berlin
    Translator:  Eva Ruth Wemme
    Country:  Germany
    Language:  German
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