Der Nazi und der Friseur

Edgar Hilsenrath

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag


“I am Max Schulz, the illegitimate, albeit pure Aryan son of Minna Schulz …” Thus begins Edgar Hilsenrath’s famous novel about the SS man and mass murderer who slips into the role of his victim Itzig Finkelstein and becomes a respected citizen and barbershop owner in Tel Aviv.  “In Der Nazi und der Friseur, novelist Edgar Hilsenrath achieves the seemingly impossible, a satire about Jews and the SS … A bloody picaresque novel, grotesque, bizarre, and at times cruelly laconic, it tells of dark times with black wit.” (Der Spiegel)

Translations supported by Traduki

  • Нацистът и фризьорът

    Year:  2012
    Publisher:  Colibri, Sofia
    Translator:  Janina Dragostinova
    Country:  Bulgaria
    Language:  Bulgarian
  • Nazisti dhe berberi

    Year:  2015
    Publisher:  Dudaj, Tirana
    Translator:  Irena Nasi
    Country:  Albania
    Language:  Albanian