Das Regenorchester

Hansjörg Schertenleib

Publisher: atb - Aufbau Taschenbuch


Ireland should be the place for a Swiss writer, where his wife, and he, her beloved, live. Yet now he sits deceived in his house. It’s there that Niamh meets him, a sixty year old Irish woman, who invites him to become the chronicler of her life. Niamh pulls him out of his grief and opens his eyes to the wonders of the old Ireland that has disappeared. And she shows him another side of music, the music of the rain, which can only be heard in Ireland. He soon becomes her confidant and is let in on her last big secret, which not only demands everything of him, but also shows him a way to the future.

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  • Дъждовният оркестър

    Year:  2011
    Publisher:  Delakort, Sofia
    Translator:  Diana Dimanova
    Country:  Bulgaria
    Language:  Bulgarian
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