Cum să uiţi o femeie

Dan Lungu

Publisher: Polirom


A cryptic farewell note, an empty wardrobe, an empty side of the bed. The end. Just a few days before, the relationship between Marga und Andi had seemed to be all right – at least for Andi. Bereft of any rational explanation confused Andi draws up a whole arsenal of strategies for forgetting – as reason is the highest principle in life for investigative journalists. When he gets the assignment from his newspaper to research into a group of religious protestants, Andi’s situation becomes more complicated. As the question suddenly presents itself: Is God after him? And is this turning everything to good?

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  • Wie man eine Frau vergisst

    Year:  2010
    Publisher:  Residenz Verlag
    Translator:  Jan Cornelius
    Country:  Austria
    Language:  German
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