Celelalte poveşti de dragoste

Lucian Dan Teodorovici

Publisher: Polirom


A novel divided into eleven independent stories, each from its own point of view. They describe the failed relationship between the narrator, a local journalist, and his wife. Stories from the narrator’s childhood, youth and present are complemented by stories of people from his life. Gradually they come together to form an overall narrative.

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  • Други любовни истории

    Year:  2012
    Publisher:  Paradox
    Translator:  Vanina Bozhikova
    Country:  Bulgaria
    Language:  Bulgarian
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  • Други љубовни приказни

    Year:  2013
    Publisher:  Ikona
    Translator:  Ermis Lafazanovski
    Country:  North Macedonia
    Language:  Macedonian
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