Bugatti taucht auf

Dea Loher

Publisher: Wallstein


In her novel, Dea Loher combines two tragedies based on true events: During the Carnival of Locarno in 2008 a group of youngsters beat up a young man until he eventually dies. Slowly, the events around the fateful night are being reconstructed, a vast puzzle of different eye witness accounts. But with every piece the full image becomes more obtuse and less clear and the question what happened and why becomes ever more shrouded in mystery. Finding the perpetrators gets more difficult, in spite of the mounting evidence. And what meagre penance is this for the death of a young man? A friend of the victim’s family takes the search off the beaten track: He remembers a car wreck at the bottom of the Lago Maggiore: a Bugatti Brescia 22 that sunk 75 years earlier. Or that is what legend says. The car wreck was never recovered. Plunging to the depths of one’s own innermost secrets turns into an adventure with an unforeseeable ending.

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  • Bugatti iese la lumină

    Year:  2019
    Publisher:  Europress Group
    Translator:  Victor Scoradeţ
    Country:  Romania
    Language:  Romanian