Ausgewählte Erzählungen aus drei Bänden, erschienen 2004 – 2017


Kristin Dimitrova’s stories from today’s Bulgaria look like brightly colored pearls trapped in the belly of a juggernaut – a country of emigration and one of the poorest in the EU. Reading these stories, we are drawn into Krassimira’s blind date, the confession of a sex doll, the made-up love life of an old woman, Petăr’s casual ending, childish cruelty, digital parallel worlds and the contrasting wilderness of city and nature. Time and again the topic of migration and homelessness pushes itself, in different guises, to the foreground. Dimitrova tells stories that get under your skin: open, subtle, funny and with a keen eye for detail. The masterful translation by Viktoria Dimitrova Popova offers an exciting look at the work of one of Bulgaria’s most fascinating storytellers.

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