Anatomie im Zimmer

Stanka Hrastelj

Publisher: Beletrina


A girl hides her hands because she would not like her boyfriend to see her scratched hands, scratched by cats that she had to drown. Two teenagers cut their veins, out of doubt and curiosity, just to see how big the blood puddle would get. The rural world in Stanka Hrastelj’s poetry is tight, provincial, blood-bound, and bloody. The view on the village or on the family is never naïve though. Instead, the poems are full of extraordinary poignancy, ruthlessness and also humour. With this book of poems, selected by the author herself, the poetry of Stanka Hrastelj has been made available to the German audience for the first time.

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  • Anatomie im Zimmer

    Year:  2013
    Publisher:  Edition Korrespondenzen
    Translator:  Daniela Kocmut
    Country:  Austria
    Language:  German
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