Aller Tage Abend

Jenny Erpenbeck

Publisher: Knaus


From one of the most daring voices in European fiction, this is a story of the twentieth century traced through the various possible lives of one woman. She is a baby who suffocates in the cradle. Or she lives to become a woman and dies beloved. Or she dies betrayed. Or her memory is honored. Or she is forgotten by everyone. Moving from a small Galician town at the turn of the century through pre-war Vienna and Stalin’s Moscow to present-day Berlin, Jenny Erpenbeck homes in on the moments when life follows a particular branch and ‘fate’ suddenly emerges from the sly interplay between history, character and pure chance.

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  • Ob koncu dni

    Genre:  Non-Fiction
    Year:  2020
    Publisher:  Litera
    Translator:  Tina Štrancar
    Country:  Slovenia
    Language:  Slovene
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  • Noć bez svitanja

    Genre:  Non-Fiction
    Year:  2016
    Publisher:  Booka
    Translator:  Ljiljana Ilić
    Country:  Serbia
    Language:  Serbian
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