Jenny Erpenbeck


Jenny Erpenbeck, born in 1967 in East Berlin, studied Theatre Sciences and Music Theatre Management in Berlin. Since 1991 she has worked initially as an assistant producer and has staged performances for opera, musical theatre and drama in Berlin, Potsdam and Graz. She published her first book, Geschichte vom alten Kind (title of the English translation: Story of the Old Child), in 2000. In the same year the first performance of her play, Katzen haben sieben Leben (title of the English translation: Cats have Seven Lives) was performed in Graz and at the same time was published as a book. In 2001 she published the volume of stories Tand (title of the English translation: Trinkets), in 2005 Wörterbuch (title of the English translation: Dictionary) and in 2008 the novel Heimsuchung (title of the English translation: Visitation), for which she was awarded the Hertha König Prize. In addition to other awards she received in 2008 the renowned Solothurn Literary Prize. She works as a freelance author and stage director in Berlin.