Alice in Sussex – Frei nach Lewis Carroll und H. C. Artmann

Nicolas Mahler

Publisher: Suhrkamp

Graphic Novel

Alice finds herself in a dream world. There she meets the white rabbit, who is leading Alice into his underground burrow, to search for the illustrated edition of  by H.C. Find Artmann’s Frankenstein in Sussex. Over the course of the story, Alice repeatedly bumps into the rabbit, which also quotes from other literary works, be it by Herman Melville or E.M. Cioran. Unlike in Carroll’s version, this Alice is not in Wonderland, but in a house, located underground. There she encounters, on different floors, several of Lewis Carroll’ well-known creations: the pipe-smoking caterpillar, the grinning cat, the green turtle, and many others. The horrors of childhood and adolescence are directly addressed by them. When Alice arrives on the ground floor of the building, she encounters Frankenstein’s monster and awakes from her terrible dream.

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  • Alica v Sussexu

    Year:  2019
    Publisher:  VigeVageKnjige, Ljubljana
    Translator:  Liza Linde
    Country:  Slovenia
    Language:  Slovene
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