Ako je to ljubav


Mihajlo Pantić writes about life’s most basic components: from love to death, from the city to the river, from dreams to friendship. His short stories narrate destiny and mystery from the “Novi Beograd” quarter of Belgrade, and are alive with constant changes in perspective. Characters are observed from the outside, commentary is weaved into the storyline, and established facts are refuted. A unique mixture of fictional freedom and documentary accuracy, provocation, and reading enjoyment. This book was awarded the Karolj Sirmai literary prize.

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  • Ако това е любов

    Year:  2009
    Publisher:  Colibri, Sofia
    Translator:  Rusanka Lyapova
    Country:  Bulgaria
    Language:  Bulgarian
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  • Wenn es Liebe ist

    Year:  2013
    Publisher:  Dittrich Verlag, Berlin
    Translator:  Margit Jugo
    Country:  Germany
    Language:  German
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