Simona Modreanu


Simona Modreanu was born in 1962 in Iaşi, Romania. She studied French and English Philology as well as European Studies in Iaşi and Nancy and got a joint PhD from the University of Iaşi and Paris VII in 1997 with her lauded thesis on Cioran. She teaches at the University of Iaşi since 2008 as a professor and is a member of a number of academic boards in Romania and France. Simona Modreanu is the author of seven monographs and has translated several books from French, including those of François Brune, Thierry Magnin, Jean-Jacques Nattiez, Paul Morand, and Marius Daniel Popescu. Her work has received many awards. Simona Modreanu is a Knight of the Order of Academic Palms.