Radmila Lazić


Radmila Lazić, born in 1949 in Kruševac, worked for 30 years in the medical profession and wrote poetry at the same time. Since 1974 she has published 13 volumes of poetry and a volume of essays, and is also the editor of two anthologies. In 1993, with co-authors Biljana Jovanović, Maruša Krese and Rada Iveković, she published the book Briefe von Frauen über Krieg und Nationalismus [Letters by Women about War and Nationalism] in Germany, which was also later published in Serbia. Her poems appear in many anthologies and have been translated into English (by the American poet Charles Simić), German, Macedonian and Norwegian. She has received numerous prizes for her poetry. Together with Liljana Đurđić, Dubravka Đurić and Svetlana Slapšak she founded the first journal for female literature and culture in Serbia, ProFemina. Radmila Lazić has lived in Belgrade since 1960.