Rada Sharlandzhieva


Rada Sharlandzhieva, born in 1946 in Dryanovo (Bulgaria), studied English and American Literature in Sofia. She has also specialised in Serbo-Croatian Language and Literature at the University of Sofia and in French Language and Literature at the Sorbonne in Paris. Rada Sharlandzhieva translates from English, Serbo-Croatian and French into Bulgarian. Her translations until now include works of  Doris Lessing, Jack Kerouac, F.S. Fitzgerald, Joan Didion, Richard Brautigan, Branimir Šćepanović, Ivo Andrić, David Albahari, Susan Sontag, Emil Cioran, Joe Orton, Branislav Nušić (together with Divna Lafchieva) and Milorad Pavić. In addition to her job as a literary translator she works as a freelance journalist and publishes articles, essays, reviews and forewords to books about culture and literature.