Mitko Madžunkov

North Macedonia

Mitko Madžunkov, born 1943 in Strumica (North Macedonia), studied world literature and literary theory in Belgrade. His career as a writer began in 1965 with the short story  Uskrsnuće. His second book of short stories Ubij govorljivog psa earned him the Isidora Sekulić prize in 1973. His comprehensive, multi-award-winning oeuvre includes short stories, novels, essays and theatre plays. Madžunkov is bilingual and writes in Serbian and Macedonian. His texts have been included in international anthologies and translated into many foreign languages. At the same time, he is a literary translator himself. For over 30 years, he had worked in the City Library of Belgrade. Madžunkov was awarded the Macedonian national prize and the Vojdan Černodrinski prize for his lifework. He is a member of the Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts. In 2006, he moved from Belgrade back to his native Macedonia.