Miroslav Mićanović


Miroslav Mićanović, born in 1960 in Brčko, studied at the University of Zagreb. He writes poems, stories, essays and reviews. His texts have been included in various anthologies and translated into Slovenian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Polish, Spanish, French, German and English. In 1998 he received the “Duhovno hrašće” Prize for his volume of poetry Zib, his volume of stories Trajekt was awarded the Fran Galović Prize in 2004. He is joint editor of several anthologies and is the author of the anthology of contemporary Croatian poetry Utjeha kaosa, which was published in 2006 in Zagreb. Miroslav Mićanović has for many years been the editor of the literary journal Quorum and a staff member of the publishing company, Naklada MD. He is currently working in the Agency for Education and Learning.