Dalibor Joler


Dalibor Joler was born in Vinkovci in 1964. He studied German and French at Zagreb University. Since 1990 he been working as a high school teacher and translator. In the last two decades, he has devoted himself mainly to translating fiction. He is a member of the Croatian Literary Translators Association since 2015. To date, he has translated numerous novels and shorty story volumes, as well as specialist literature and journalistic pieces. His translations include works by Heinrich Böll, Hermann Hesse, Simone de Beauvoir, Benedict Wells, Karl Rühmann, Richard David Precht, Klaus-Michael Bogdal, Christian Guay-Poliquin, Tamta Melashvili, Annette Hess, and Clemens J. Setz. With scholarships and grants from the Goethe-Institut, the German Translator’s Fund and the Robert Bosch Foundation, he participated in several translation workshops and seminars in Germany and abroad.